Dorian’s Nephew

The alarm on his phone brings him awake. Carefully, so as not to wake the sleeping woman beside him, he sits up. With a sigh, he reaches into his neatly folded clothes and pulls out the pistol concealed there. He stands up and slowly walks to the foot of the bed. The women stir and slowly wakes. He lifts the gun and aims it directly at her chest. There’s no chance of missing at this range. He looks into her eyes and finds sadness and pity. She knew. Even before bringing him back to her apartment, she knew. A tear rolls slowly down his cheek. She smiles softly and slowly gets up, making no attempt to rush him. She walks slowly to the blackened window of her apartment. Turning to face the man, she opens her mouth to speak. He hardly notices the recoil as the bullet leaves the barrel. For a moment, she hangs motionless. Before the glass shatters and she flies out into the morning sun, bursting into flame. The man returns to his clothes and gets dressed. After pulling on his boots, he examines his reflection in the wall mirror. Black unruly hair frames a handsome face that contain vividly green eyes. A bright blue jacket loosely bucked over a white shirt and black trousers that are tucked into black riding boots. He slowly pulls on white gloves and places the pistol into its shoulder holster on his left side.

“Is this what you had in mind, uncle Dorian, when you made me like you once were?” He softly asks the empty room before turning towards the door.

Vampire Love

Pushing me hard, he stood in front of the approaching mob.

“Get out of here Valayna. They’ll kill you.” Shaking my head, I tried to fight back against him.

“They’ll kill you too. Please don’t do this. Come with me.” Turning toward me, he smiled that cheeky grin of his.

“It’s worth it.” Before I could do a thing, his arm wrapped around my waist, and he pulled me into a kiss.

“I love you.” Releasing me, he ran at the crowd before I could grab him. His blade coming free from its sheath as he roared. With tears in my eyes and hatred burning in my heart, I turned and ran. As I ran, I ignored the sound of metal striking against metal and flesh. Clearing the building’s back door, I fled. Running through the streets late into the night. Finally stopping as the sun rose on the horizon. With tears in my eyes, I sat and watched as the sun came up and its warmth spread over my face. The first sunrise I had seen in three centuries. Cursing the witch and her potion, I turned and walked into the forest, swearing vengeance as the heat from the sun slowly became more uncomfortable.

Dhampir Hunter

The thin blade pressed against my chest doesn’t really give me the safe feeling It should. Dressed in plain jeans, dress shoes, white tee and my fake leather jacket I feel nervous walking the city streets. I turn down a random alleyway and almost walk into a lady of the night.

“Sorry miss,” I mumble. 

“That’s ok sweetie. Are you alone tonight? Care for a little company?”

As she speaks my senses seem to dull and I find myself walking towards her. She steps forward and I can smell her perfume and it just about overwhelms me. She embraces me and kisses the side of my neck. I feel a small intake of breath from her and I slip my right hand into my jacket.

“Could you do me one small favour before we start?” I whisper to her.

“What’s that honey?”

“Die.” I move fast before she can react. Grabbing her throat with my left hand I drive her back into the wall and pull the blade from my jacket. She opens her mouth to scream but before she can I drive the blade home into her heart. Light fills her mouth and she bursts into blue flame. Within seconds she’s gone. Not even leaving a scorch mark behind to know she was ever there. With a deep breath and shaking hands, I go to put the blade back into my jacket but I’m stopped by the sound of heels clicking further down the laneway. Looking towards the sound another lady comes into view. Wiping blood off her chin she looks directly at me.

“That was a mistake boy. I’m going to enjoy tearing you apart.” As she finishes she snarls and her fingernails become sharpened claws. Launching towards me she covers the ground quickly. It takes a split second for me to know there’s not enough time to dodge. Reaching I open myself up to the power inside me. Fangs replace two upper teeth and the darkness turns bright. I move swiftly and stop the first slash by catching her wrist. Looking into my face in surprise she wrenches her wrist free and leaps back.

“Dhampir scum.” She snarls. Taking another step back she leans forwards and then jerks backward. Wings explode from her back tearing her dress to pieces. Readying my blade I prepare to charge. A shot rings out and she looks in surprise at the hole in her chest. Silently screaming she bursts into blue flame. A man dressed in black walks through where she was standing. Holstering his revolver he turns and speaks in my direction.

“Hmm, I didn’t expect there to be two. Are you ok boy?” I don’t reply as I’m assaulted by energy. Turning around I can see and feel the life of the city flowing out in every direction. I hit the ground hard and lose my grip on the power. As it fades away I taste blood. Looking up I see the man slowly lowering his fist.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean…” Holding up his hand he cuts me off.

“It’s alright lad. Let’s go home.” Taking his offered hand I get to my feet and together we walk out the alleyway. We climb into a car parked around the corner and take off into the night.