MAL Challenge #1 – 2021

MAL Challenge #1-2021 by W.P Angus


It always been hard work starting at a new school. More so when you come in halfway through the first semester. Rocha Academy. Produces the most gifted sorcerers in the world, or so the brochure says. For me, well, I don’t care for any of that. It’s just another steppingstone on my road to vengeance. Stepping through the large stone gates, a sense of trepidation lances through me as I look at all the students in their crimson blazers crossing the courtyard to their various classes. Taking a deep breath, I make my way towards the school’s main building, or at least I start to. Dodging past a giggling group of girls, I turned my attention away from where I was walking for a second.

“Watch out!”. Before I could react, a woman wearing the school’s crimson blazer ran into me at speed. Landing heavily on the ground, the wind leaves my lungs, and I instinctively put my hands up and shove. Ignoring the soft feeling, I breathe a sigh of relief as I hear her hit the ground to my side. Coughing, I slowly roll to my feet and look around. Sitting on the round in front of me is a young woman with flowing silver blonde hair. Her crimson eyes bore holes through me, matching the fury etched on her face. Looking closely, I notice one hand covering her chest, the other rubbing her behind. Well, I guess that explains the softness and which part of her body broke the fall. Staggering to my feet, I ignore the woman sitting on the ground and turn to head toward the main building once more.

“Where the hell do you think you ‘re going? Shouldn’t you say something to me?” Stopping as her voice rings across the courtyard, I turn my head and look over my shoulder.

“Watch where you’re going in future. Have a good day.” Ignoring the surrounding gasps from the gathered students, I continue walking. The surge of heat from behind is the only warning I get. Twisting to the side, I grunt as a sword covered in flames flies past. The heat from the flames singing the hairs on my head. Sliding to a halt between me and the school building, she brandishes her sword towards me. Flames crackle down the single edge sword in her hand and her eyes glow brighter as rage contorts her face.

“You sullied my honor, and I will have your head for it. Do you have any idea who I am?” Chuckling to myself at her statement, I size her up.

“Nope. No idea and I don’t much care. If I had to guess, I’d go with some noble’s daughter, based on the attitude.”

“My name Is Kialia Stromguard.” As she states her name with a proud look on her face, a faint memory tugs at the edge of my mind. An article I read on my way here about the king’s child having inherited the ancient bloodline powers or something. Trying to recall the article for more details, it alludes me. Before I can say another word, the surrounding whispers reach my ears.

“Who’s the new kid?”

“No idea. But the princess is pissed.”

“That dude is in for a world of hurt.”

Not the way I wanted to start my time at the academy. This is going to come back and bite me in the ass, of that I have no doubt. Taking a step forward, I meet her crimson eyes.

“How about we chalk this up to an unfortunate understanding and go our separate ways because trust me. You really don’t want to do this.” As the words leave my mouth, I immediately wish I could take them back. A dark look crosses her face and the fire around her spirals forming feathered wings on her back. Before she can do anything, I open myself to my power. As it courses through me, I ready for her attack. Launching herself towards me, I easily sidestep her swing. Dancing away, I increase the distance between myself and the princess. Holding my hands up to show her I’m unarmed and don’t want to fight, I stop. An intent to kill, but from where? Searching around me quickly with my sense and eyes, I barely dodge the next slash. Feeling out with my senses, I try to find the killer intent. But it seems aimed away from me. The princess then. Focusing on the woman in front of me and stepping back a few paces, it all happens at once. She launches at me with a straightforward lunge. And from my blindside the killing intent strikes. In an instant, I switch to the offensive and move towards the princess. Grabbing her wrist, I twist her to the side, using my body to push her clear. Grimacing as a black clothed individual appears in front of me and a spear enters the area she just vacated. Flowing on from the movement I release the princess and drive a roundhouse into the would be assassin, sending them crashing into the ground a few feet away. Turning towards them, I walk slowly as the voices fill my head.

“Assassin. Coward! Kill them. Unleash everything.” Falling to my knees as the voice gets louder and overwhelms me, I try to reason and push them away.

“No, I cannot. Not here. Not now.”

“Have you forgotten!?” As the voice roars in my ears, Images flash through my mind. The past and my reason for being here. My family strewn around our mansion, left where they were struck down. Dark assassins running through the halls wielding darkfyre like it was nothing. And the unleashing of my power that destroyed the village and everything around it. Try as I might, I can’t suppress the rage, and it overwhelms me. Like being a passenger in my own body, I can only watch as I stagger to my feet and the blue miasma of my power oozes around me. Lashing out and cracking the pavement. Getting to their feet, the assassin summons a spear once more and launches it at me with blinding speed, but the bladed tip stops short of my body. Held in place by the miasma, the assassin cries out as the spear is shattered. Before It can strike them down, a woman in a business suit lands in front of me, her black hair flowing in the breeze. Turning toward me, her eyes glow bright green and a wave of soothing energy passes over me. In an instant my rage is gone and I fall to the ground, panting. Turning from me, she summons a rope to bind the assassin, but they’re already gone. With a sigh, she turns back to the students gathered around and addresses them, but I can’t hear the words. As the students walk away, sound comes rushing back in an assault to my sense and I close my eyes. Opening them, I find the woman kneeling down in front of me. Her face awfully close to mine.

“You need to get that power of yours under control, Mr. Windgrave.” Helping me to my feet, she turns on the princess. “And you, Miss Stromguard, are just as responsible for this mess. How many times must you be told that your power is not to be unleashed on campus? You are a first-year student, regardless of how gifted you are, it is inexcusable. Your father will be made ware of your transgression here this morning. You are dismissed.” At the headmistress’s last words, the princess turns a shade of green but bows her head and walks away as fast as she can. Once she is out of sight, the headmistress turns to me.

“Now, follow me. Welcome to Rocha Academy.”