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  • Paladins Chapter 1: A new Paladin

    Paladins Chapter 1: A new Paladin

    The sound of sirens in the distance finally fades in the background. Standing up from his desk, Grand Marshal Caden Saunders throws down the paperwork he was thumbing through. Walking over to the window, he looks down at the city below, watching as people struggle to put out fires in the streets. “We barely held […]

  • A Fathers Regret.

    A Fathers Regret.

    Looking out the window of my small shop, I smile as the local children run through the crowds being careful not to bump the adults as they go about their business. Turning from the window, I place the last of my bowls and stirrers away on their shelves and sweep the fine brown powder off […]

  • MAL Challenge #1 – 2021

    MAL Challenge #1 – 2021

    CHAPTER 1 It always been hard work starting at a new school. More so when you come in halfway through the first semester. Rocha Academy. Produces the most gifted sorcerers in the world, or so the brochure says. For me, well, I don’t care for any of that. It’s just another steppingstone on my road […]

  • Red Riding Hood

    Red Riding Hood

    The soft clank of the weights moving up and down reverberates around his cell. Laying on the bench, he breathes steadily as he works the weights, a slight burn echoing through his shoulders. As he pauses for a moment, his ears catch the sound of boots walking down the hall. A moment later he catches […]

  • The Wolf and the Witch

    As the dark clouds part, a single beam of moonlight shines through the cell’s window and dances across his face. Opening his eyes the dried blood cracks on his face. Shifting slightly on his position hanging on the wall he can just see the back of the valve haired girl chained over the bench. Her […]