Wolfs Fancy

Wolfs Fancy by W.P Angus

Laying under the boughs of an ancient oak tree the man breathes a relaxing sigh. Far overhead the stars shine. Gazing up, a sense of peace settles over him. Leaving back further into the soft undergrowth beneath the tree, he closes his eyes and begins to hum. From the nearby trees comes the sound of a branch breaking, followed by movement. Instantly alert the man rolls to his knees picking up his bow as he does so. Reaching around a root, he draws an arrow from a nearby quiver and with practised precision, knocks and draws It in one movement. Fletching against his check he sights down the bow and waits patiently as the crashing gets closer. At last, the crashing reaches a crescendo and from the foliage, a pure white elk emerges. Taller then a horse, the creatures shite fur shines in the moonlight. Smiling the man lowers his bow, retuning the arrow to the quiver before getting to his feet. Brushing the leaves from his knees, he props his bow back against the tree before turning toward the creature standing in front of him. Intelligent black eyes meet his own and seem to weigh him. Holding his hands to either side in an open gesture he speaks in the language of the elves.
“Come friend elk. Myself and my companion mean you no harm. We have naught to offer but my company and that I offer freely.” Finishing with a bow the man walks back over to the tree and sits down with his back against the trunk. As he does so an old wolf slowly walks out of the trees and sits next to him. A gentle breeze blowing through the clearing brings a scent of flowers and a slight rustle from the trees nearby. Ears twitching the wolfs hackles rise and he growls. Placing his hand on the wolfs head he talks in the common tongue of men.
“Easy old friend. Tomorrow is soon enough for chasing fancies. Leave it till then.” With a grumble, the wolf turns on the spot and settles in next to the man. Gesturing to the free space next to him, the man beckons to the elk. Moments later the creature walks over and with a grace belying its size, seats itself on the ground nearby. Grinning to himself the man settles back in and starts to hum once more. Before long the elk’s eyes close and it begins breathing slowly. Soon after the mans humming stops and is replaced by deep breathing. Shifting the wolf moves to be against the man before it too falls to sleep. In the nearby tree, watching the Clearing with a growing level of curiosity the young woman’s green eyes seem to shine in the moonlight.