Space Nymph

So there I was. Just kicking back in the bunk of my cruiser on a little station just outside of the Orion alpha system. Yup. There I was. Enjoying a little relaxation time before heading out into the vast black of space. Destination: the far reaches: Planet Ozulis. Cargo hold loaded with some priceless artefacts, that the Neo nine pirates won’t take an interest in. Even legit and all so the galactic council won’t even try to nab me for a smuggler this time. Yep life’s pretty grand right now. Of course when a mans at his highest moment life has a tendency to through a spanner at your forehead just to mix things up a little. So kicking back In my bunk, relaxing the last thing I expected was my whole cabin to light up blue. A funny-looking orb appearing about a foot from my bed. Getting up I can only stare in horror as the blue orb changes shape and becomes a female silhouette. Oh no. No no no, no, no. Not a… Thump. I’m knocked to the ground as a very naked blonde girl lands on me. Looking up at me her bright purple and silver eyes give me the chills.

“Hello. My name is Verashay De’Lamenta. I’m a…”

“I know what you are,” I say cutting her off. Groaning I think to myself, Lord, if you’re real then you just have one twisted sense of humour. Fancy sending a space nymph here. This won’t end well.

As the last of the cargo is floated out of my hold and onto the ground a blue woman in a green dress comes striding up my loading ramp.

“As usual you’re always earlier than expected nick.”

Smiling I stride down I meet her halfway up the ramp.

“It’s my pleasure Tariliana. I hope this will keep you supplied for a time. How’d the problem with this bandits pan out?”

“Well, let’s just say they won’t be bothering us again. Here payment as promised. Check to make sure it’s all there.” Taking the credit chip from her hand I insert it into my wrist terminal. After a moment a figure appears.

“That’s too high Tariliana. You were only told one-eighty.”

“While that is true we were also told it would take two cycles to arrive. You brought my people these supplies in one and a half cycles. I’m no fool, Nikolai. You burnt hard coming through the Darbent Quadrant. You used more fuel than you needed to get these here for us. Please accept the extra as a token of my gratitude. Take that lovely girl of yours out. When was the last time she saw the outside this ship?”

“It’s been a while true enough. I feel bad taking any extra from you Liana. Your struggling here. And I don’t exactly need the cash.” Laughing lightly she places a hand on my arm.

“Nick, my dear we’ve been friends a good many years now. You know well enough that the only thing we struggle with is fresh supplies. Money is of no value to us. The magma mine earns us enough to pay for those. Now come have a drink with us. Unless you need to leave straight away.”

“Not this time. I don’t have a destination or cargo yet. So a day or two off won’t go astray. And if I’m being honest, I could do with the downtime. Its been a rough few months. V you coming for a drink?” I hear a clatter of boots on metal as she comes bouncing down the stairs into the cargo hold.

“Hella yes. I’ve been cramped in here too long. Party time.” As she goes to dash past I grab her on the head and stop her in tracks.

“Before I let you off let’s get some ground rules down.

One. No picking fights with anyone. Especially Rougaar Traders. And I don’t care if they smell funny.

Two. No seducing noble ladies husbands this time. And I don’t care if they were rude and stuck up.

And Three. And this is the most important. You cannot use while we’re here. It’s too dangerous. Agreed?” A thoughtful look crosses her face and after a moment she nods her head.


“Good now go have fun. If you need me, I’ll be…”

Looking to Tariliana she laughs and turns to address the buxom blonde standing next to us.

“At the phalanx river. It’s a bar just down the street. Come see us when you’re done.” With a smile v runs down the loading ramp, out into the crowd. Watching her retreating back I wonder again for the thousandth time why me? As if reading my thoughts Liana replies.

“Because you’re a decent sort, Nikolai. Regardless of what you claim. Now, my dear, shall we go get something to drink?” Without waiting for a response, she grabs my arm and leads me down the ramp, out into the street.