Renaissance Wolf

Renaissance Wolf by W.P Angus

The lamp is set low but it’s just enough for me to read over the letter I have penned to my father.
Dearest father,
The weather is starting to turn here now. Days grow shorter and the nights colder. My English is coming along well as you can see. I am now able to read and write it fluently. I am still struggling with the been able to speak it, however. The town is doing well and we received your last shipment earlier than expected. I so wish I could join you in America. The sights you must be seeing whilst there. But I know it is my duty to stay here and look over the estate. That reminds me, I have exciting news father. Arianna is pregnant. The doctor said she is four months. I’m excited and nervous about becoming a father. I wish you were here for I could surely use your guidance. The other piece of news I must give you is of a more disturbing nature. It seems we have a killer in the town. Three bodies have turned up in the last two months. They were all torn to pieces and has strange marks as if they had been devoured. The watch is working tirelessly to bring this matter to a close as soon as possible. People in town have taken to calling this killer the beast as he eats his victims. Even claiming to have seen a large animal stalking that high moors. It is nothing but fear and superstition driving such nonsense. I have no doubt that it is a man we are searching for. A deranged man but a man just the same. I hope both you and mother are in good health and will return soon. You are sorely missed. Well anyway, father it is getting late and I must be rise early on the morrow to send this letter and continue the search for this killer.
Yours sincerely 
After reading over my letter for the final time I sprinkle some sand on it, before rolling it up and sealing it with wax and my seal. Placing the letter on my desk I stand up and stretch. Looking to my bed I feel a rush of love at the woman sleeping there. Walking over I sit down next to her and brush her blonde hair off her face. Even though I was gentle she still wakes and looks up at me.
“Yes, my love. I am sorry for waking you. Go back to sleep.”
“Will you be coming to bed.”
“Very soon my love. I just need to pack away my desk first.” With a smile, she closes her eyes and before too long her breathing becomes even again as she falls back to sleep. Walking back to my desk I quickly pack up my writing tools and prepare to myself for bed. As I’m about to close my draw I hear a sound that sends chills running up my spine. A deep howling sounds from outside followed by a woman’s scream. Pulling my pistol from the desk draw I start to walk towards the window. A shadow covers the window for a brief moment before it exploded inwards. Standing in the moonlight is a creature that I’ve never seen before. I raise my pistol and it roars and leaps at me.