Sitting on a rock the young woman doesn’t notice the rain as it begins to fall. Splashing into the river that she sits beside it drowns out all the sounds of the forest behind her. Staring at her hands, she watches as a drop of water falls from her hood and lands on her wrist. Cutting a trail through the blood and grime. As it falls from her fingertip into the river a sob bursts from her lips. Looking up to the sky she silently shouts out a prayer to gods that have long since forsaken the world. Streaming down her face, she can’t stop the tears as they begin mixing with the rain. Getting to her feet she turns to the trees and screams. All the pain and sorrow tearing free from her at that moment. As silence reigns once more she falls to her knees, landing heavily on the now muddy ground. As her black hair falls free from her hood, she looks to the left seeing her sword leaning against the rock she was just sitting on. The once silver blade now coated in the thick black blood of orcs. In anger, she grabs the blade and moves to throw it. Bringing her arm back to hurl the blade, she stops as crashing comes from the trees behind her. Turning she watches as three orcs come bursting through the trees, the trophies of the hunt clattering loudly together. Catching sight of her the leader smiles a sickening smile and gestures towards her with a barbed whip in hand.
“Looks like lucks on our side boys. Hello pretty. You’ll make a nice addition to our master’s caravan you will. Pretty face like yours will get a nice price at the market. So, what say you put down that little sticker of yours and come quiet like?” Raising her blade, she grinds her teeth.
“Orc filth. I’ll go nowhere with the likes of you.” At her defiant words, a sadistic look crosses his face.
“Well then. Guess we do this the hard way. Bring the human bitch to me boys. And don’t be none too gentle about it.” At his gesture, the two other orcs pull their weapons from their belts. Smiling they begin crossing the distance towards her. Anger surges through her and power wells up within. As her eyes start glowing red, her hair begins to change to a deep crimson colour. A look of terror crosses the orcs face and he screams.
“Phoenix born! Cut her down fools before it’s too…” Faster than an arrows flight she covers the distance to the leader. With a single slash of her sword, she beheads the orc, black blood spraying into the air and increasing the grim already covering her. Advancing on the two remaining orcs she cuts them down before they have a chance to react. Stepping clear of the last body as it falls lifelessly into the mud, she walks back the rock and collects her pack. Hefting it onto her back she looks back at the three bodies. With a gesture, they all burst into flames. The fire burning unnaturally In the rain. Turning her back on the burning corpses she sets off into the trees. Across the river, a young man watches as she disappears through the trees. As he retreats through the trees he smiles to himself. Climbing onto a nearby horse he sets off through the trees at a slow walk. Beginning to whistle to himself before long.