Metal Angel

The screaming had long since faded to silence as she climbs from her hiding place. Taking her first steps across the floor in what seemed like hours, she suddenly slips and falls hard. Landing in sticky wetness she rolls over and stares into the old ladies lifeless eyes. Covering her mouth, she tries desperately to stifle the scream rising in her throat. With a small sob, she gets to her feet. The stench of iron fills her nostrils and a cold breeze blows through a nearby opening g window chilling her to the bone. Carefully picking her way across the room she does t look down at the bodies that lie around, or at the blood dripping off the walls. Finally making her way through the open front door and onto the old wooden porch she begins to allow herself to grieve. Tears streaming down her face she makes her away around the porch. As reaches the other end a fist comes out of the darkness, striking her in the face. Falling to the ground, blood fills her mouth. Before she can even comprehend what’s going on, a boot catches her in the stomach and she gets thrown through the air landing heavily on the grass. Stepping down onto the ground he sits on the porch and brandishes a knife. Looking up at the blood dripping from it she gets to her feet and clears her mouth.

“Well now. I always knew you was a tough bitch girl, but damn, I put all my effort into that punch. Anywho, how you been? Van misses you so much he’d like to invite you back home. Seen as the people you was staying with all got dead I figure you’ll be accepting his courteous offer.” At his words, anger boils up inside her. From her feet and around her, wind starts to swirl. Within seconds it starts tearing up the ground near where she stands. Getting to his feet the man begins to laugh.

“Now now girl. We both know you ain’t gonna….” his words and laughter cut off as she begins to charge. The air around her begins to shimmer like a heat haze. From it, armour begins to appear and quickly covers her whole body. Moments later the wind stops. Standing in the middle of a burnt circle is the girl fully covered in armour. Looking like a metallic angel she lifts her hands and claws as sharp as knives flick out from her fingers with barely a whisper. Licking his lips nervously the man reaches behind his belt slowly and draws out a second knife. Not waiting for her to move he throws the first knife. Stepping to the side she dodges it easily. Panicking he hurls the second blade at her. Deflecting it she covers the ground to him in an instant, before he has a chance to reach for the gun strapped to his hip. With a snarl, she drives her hand through his chest. Wrenching her hand back she watches his heart feebly beating in her hand. Crushing it she shakes the blood off as his collapses on the ground behind her. With a flap of her wings, she takes to the skies, disappearing into the moonlit night within moments.