King’s Despair

Dust still fills the air as he slowly regains consciousness. Rubble fills the hallway and bodies lie here and there. Glancing to his left as he pushes himself up to his knees the body of a young girl causes him to panic. Ignoring the pain in his chest he rushes over to her. Rolling her over he calls out.
“Alyssa please gods no. Alyssa baby open your eyes.” A soft voice calls out to his right.
“She’s fine dear. She just got clipped by a small piece of rock.” Turning towards the voice his eyes fill with tears at the sight of his wife lying pinned under a pile of rubble. Picking up his daughter carefully he moves over to his wife.
“Hold on Marielle I’ll get you out of there.” Holding his daughter in one arm he starts to shift rocks with the other. Reaching up she catches his hand.
“Stop Eric. It’s already too late for me. I can’t feel my legs and I’m sure I’m bleeding internally. Take Alyssa and escape the castle. You must survive for our people’s sake.”
“Marielle I…” Tears stream down his face. Letting go of his hand she reaches up and holds the side of his face. A commotion from behind causes him to turn. A young lord is standing in the middle of the hallway, arms bound behind his back. Surrounded by half a dozen troops he looks at Eric.
“Sorry your majesty there wasn’t anything I could do.”
“Silence!” Says one of the troops as he hits the man in the back of the head with the butt of his rifle. Falling to the ground the young lord lands heavily. Turning their rifles toward the King they wait in position as another man comes around the corner. Dressed in blue lords garments with long silver hair Lord Demetrie von Hafner stops just in front of the soldiers.
“Demetrie you traitor. You’ll hang for this.”
“Hmm with all due respect your majesty I won’t. You see once you sign a confession stating you were planning on signing a treaty with the Nulonnin Empire and selling out the country I’ll be seen as the hero for overthrowing you and restoring order.”
“There’s no way anyone would believe that garbage.”
“They will once they see this treaty agreement signed by you.” Pulling a roll of parchment from his belt he waves it toward the King. As the Kings about to give up a new voice rings out.
“Gee bro you sure know how to get yourself into trouble.”