Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver by W.P Angus

Once again I find myself in this dark hallway. Made of stone, the sound of dripping water echoes around the cold walls. As I start to walk down the hall, the air next to me shimmers and a woman dressed in a white lacy top over black pants and knee-high leather boots appears. Flicking her black hair over her shoulder she reaches behind her back and draws put a small knife. Sighing I reach over to my left side and draw my longsword. Quietly we slip down the hall towards a closed iron-bound door. Reaching it I turn and stand guard as she goes to work on the lock with the knife. After a few seconds, the lock clicks and the door swings open soundlessly. On a pedestal in the middle of the room is a sphere, emitting pure white light.

“Finally. Grab the star and let’s get out of here before they realise we’re…” before I can finish a snarl comes from in front of me. Walking down the hallway is a seven-foot-tall beast. Half wolf half something from legend it fills the hallway.

“Eve warp out. I’ll meet you on the other side.” Running over to me she plants a kiss on my cheek before the air shimmers and she disappears again. Running towards the beast I slide under its first swing, lashing out with my blade as I slide between its legs. Hot blood sprays all over me as the edge of the blade connects with its leg. Rolling to my feet I only just get my sword up in time to block its reverse swipe. Back peddling I try to put some distance between myself and the creature. Roaring it chase after me. Sharp claws slicing through the air. Cursing under my breath I stop and rush forward. Blocking the creature’s claws with my left arm I twist inside its reach and drive my blade home. Heading backwards I step back as it falls lifeless to the floor. Before I can smile pain lances through my arm. Looking down I find three jagged slashes through my armour. Dropping my sword I hold up my right hand and mutter a chant. Within seconds everything fades to black. Sitting upright in my bed I slide out from under the covers. Grabbing a towel off the nearby rack I race to the bathroom. Flicking on the light I go straight to the cabinet and pull out the first aid kit. Removing the towel I look at the wreckage of my arm and grimace. Three long jagged slashes cross my forearm. Blood trickles from all three wounds, slowly turning the towel crimson. Quickly placing a few pads of gauze over the cuts I wrap a bandage around to hold then in place. Leaving everything where it is. Returning to my room I quickly pull on jeans and a tee. Grabbing my cell phone off its stand I slide up the screen and begin dialling as I walk towards the front door. Putting the receiver against my ear I wait until the sound of a man’s voice groggily sounds I my ear. Waiting a moment for him to wake and ask what I want, I talk quickly.

“Wake the doc. I’m on my way for a patch. We got it.” Without waiting for a reply I close the screen and place the phone in my pocket. Sighing once more I turn the handle of my door and step out of my apartment. Walking over to the window I look out over the city. All the buildings seem to shine magically at this time of night. Looking down and the bandage on my arm I turn away from the window and set off towards the elevators. It’s times like this I really hate being a dream weaver.