Dragon Rider

The wind rushing through my hair, and the giant wings flapping next to me, have a calming effect. Opening my eyes I tilt my head back and look past the saddle at the base of the neck and to the head of the dragon whose back I’m lying on. Turning his head to meet my eye he snorts and a small puff of smoke comes from his nostrils. Catching his mood I sit up and carefully climb back into my saddle.
“What’s the matter with you?” I ask him. Giving a low roar he shakes his head. Picking up his meaning I reply.
“I don’t want to go either Tal but this is required of us and you know it.” With another puff from his nostrils, he turns his head back to the front. With a sigh, I climb back out of my saddle and go back to laying on his back looking up at the clouds. There’s no place that feels more like home than this place here. His red bronze scales are warm underneath my hand and clothing. It’s thanks to this that I’m able to lay here without wearing my normal insulated armour. My name is Mirial Evonia and I am a dragon rider. And we are heading to the Drigtasser Assembly And everything I hate about being the daughter of a clan chief