Demon Assault

Demon Assault by W.P Angus

Sitting down heavily on the pew in the front row, I place my gun down next to me. Reaching into my jacket pocket, I pull out a deck of smokes and flick one out. Putting it between my lips, I pat down my pockets in search of my ever elusive lighter. With a soft growl, a flaming tail waves in front of my face. Smiling, I lean forward and light my cigarette, taking a long drag before replying.

“Thanks, KP.” The black hellhound gives me a huff before wondering off and investigating the area. Looking around, I actually take in my surroundings finally. This was probably a nice church before I arrived. Very fancy with a marble alter and stained-glass windows. Not that many of those are intact and the altar is smashed in half. Dead priests and holy warriors lay amongst the rubble and wreckage. Their guns and blades broken or bent and just beyond their outstretched hands. Sighing, I pick up the black pistol by my side and eject its clip. Clattering against the tiles, it echoes loudly through the empty hall. Pulling a fresh clip from the leg holster, I slide it in and rack a shot into the chamber. Getting to my feet, I drop my smoke and crush it beneath my foot. I know you’re probably thinking I’m a bad guy. Well, I am a demon after all, but let me tell you something, you got this all wrong. Actually, humanity itself has had this wrong for millennia. What if I told you everything was a lie? That the ones responsible for all the madness were not demons as the holy bible claims but actually angels. Since the dawn of time, they have whispered in the ears of men. Swaying their hearts to perform the foulest of deeds. All to keep the wheels turning. I turn and walk down the aisle toward the exit when the sound of flapping wings causes me to stop. Turning, I grimace as an angel alights upon the shattered alter.

“What have you done, foul demon?”

“What needed to be done. Your control over the world ends now. When you ‘re sent back, you tell Michael that I’ll be seeing him real soon.”

“Ha if you think you have power enough to..” before it finishes I open fire. My shots clean and the angel hits the rear wall with enough force to leave an indent in it. Racing towards the alter I vault over it and land lightly as the angel struggles to right itself. Walking forward, I kick it over to face me before stepping onto his chest.

“Who are you? You ‘re no lower demon.”

“Correct. The names Nero. Give my regards to the twelve.” As I raise my gun once more, his eyes widen.

“No wait. You can’t..” anything else he was planning to say gets cut off by the sound of my gun. With a flash of light, he disappears, leaving behind a few feathers. Holstering my gun, I turn and leave, whistling for KP on the way out. Looking back at the cross hanging above it all, I shake my head. Even though they started this, I can’t help but feel like the bad guy here. Oh well. Soon enough this will all be over. I hope.