31st Century

31st century by W.P Angus

“Welcome to the 31st century, where if you can dream it we can make it. Real companions are a thing of the past with today’s artificial companions. Available in any shape or form, we cater to your needs. Dynassus industries. We’re for the future.” The advertisement wakes me. Looking over at my clock, I groan as it reads 8.15am. With a wave of my hand, the clock turns off. Sitting up slowly, I come to the realisation I’m not alone. There are naked women on both sides of me. One has long black hair the length of her back and the other has blonde hair with blue tips around the same length. With a sigh, I get up and stretch without waking them. Well, waking is probably the wrong term, activating is more correct. The two girls are androids of a sort. The term that’s used these days is companions. Available in any shape or form, these two women are mine. Changing out of my sleeping pants into jeans, I walk to the dresser. A small device on top has a blinking green light. Tapping the light causes it to open revealing a hexagonal shaped blue crystal. Holding it up, I inspect it closely. A hairline crack runs down one side. With a sigh, I press the panel on my chest. Opening up it reveals a cage that the crystal fits snuggly into. Closing it, I wait for a moment as my HUD boots up. Revealing current power levels and a host of other information. Ignoring it, I move around the room, getting dressed. Moments later, a knock sounds at my door before it opens. Walking in comes a tall, broad-shouldered man, with short black hair. Carrying a tray with breakfast, he promptly walks over and places it down on my dresser.

“Morning Lance. What’s the latest?” Leaving the tray, he sets the room to rights as he replies.

“Well, boss, things are certainly about to get interesting. VDO has made their move finally. They’ve released their military grade hardware to the open market. Also, you received an Intel package from hospice. They found two more bodies last night. Same M. O as the previous ones. Bones badly broken and throat cut deep enough to partially sever the spine. And again they were both hunters and participants in the low levels of Halberds Arena. Apart from that nothing new has happened.”

Taking a sip of my coffee, I sit by the window and look out at the city. Across from me I see the Nexus building. Nexus, the foremost leaders in companion technology.

“Any word from Nexus on my order?”

“Hmmm, let me look. Apologies for missing it. Your order has arrived. They have a time slot free for this afternoon for fitment if you like.”

“Book it in. Hey lance, any idea about that?” As I finish, I point to the bed. Looking at the bed, his face turns red and anger etches his features. As if sensing his rage, both women sit up, the sheet sliding off their bodies. Looking over their shoulders, they both catch sight of the big man at the same time. Fear crosses their faces. They yelp and bolt out the door. With a humph, lance stomps out of my room after the women. Soon enough, the sounds of things being broken and yelling voices reach me. Smiling wryly to myself, I continue drinking my coffee and eating breakfast. After all, I was the one who didn’t want a boring life. It’s certainly anything but that theses days.